INSPIRATIONAL INTERVIEWS  is an Inspiring Life Stories Platform. Founded and Hosted by Jen Rodd. 
A Podcast Show which is a source of inspiration.  
All the interviews, are Raw-Not Researched! This means that the interviews are not staged, Jen knows very little about her guests before the interview, and that the conversation can go anywhere. 

Jen Rodd covers life stories from all over the world. Inspiring life stories about people who are living authentic, brave and connected lives.   Jen shares stories of chefs, artists, musicians, adventurers, wrongly convicted prisoners, entrepreneurs, bakers, tech gurus, health gurus, fashionistas, architects ... the list is endless. She discovers how they found their calling in life and we hear about their journey till today. 

Her team of skilled content creators are experienced and passionate about what they do, and are here to provide you with insightful stories about people that make the world a better place.

Jen want to inspire you, to be you and do what you love, so that you can also make the world a beautiful place too, and inspire the people around you to do the same. 

Inspirational Interviews is an independent and reliable inspiring voice in the Podcast, Video, and Online Media world.

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