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Jen Rodd Podcast Show Host


"Sometimes we have to live a whole life to discover truth. Or we have an unexpected moment in time that changes the way we see things forever.

For me, it was the latter. 


In the moment of receiving the second call from my mother to say "Jen, Ken is dead" a wave of energy went through me. I fell into the arms of my husband, and in that moment, I very clearly understood, that the only thing that matters in life, is love. 

I lost my very special brother too soon. The gut wrenching and psychological shock of his death, not hearing his soft beautiful voice anymore, threw me into a state of darkness in the months to follow. 
Life became pointless.

Any career ambitions - stopped! Over and over, I would analyse our reasons for being here on earth, and I kept coming only to, Love. 

But after months of exclusion and only loving others, I realised that I couldn't just stop all my creative plans. I had to love myself too.
So, I started to do everything I loved, denying nothing-doing everything.

This is when we arrive here, at this beautiful inspiring podcast show, Inspirational Interviews.

Other than my family, and being creative, I love nothing more than encouraging people to do what they love in life and connecting people with their own truth. Finding out about people and discovering what they do with their life, is truy one of my biggest joys. 

Being able to produce and host this inspiring interview podcast show is a gift, and a privilege.
To be able to interview people, find out, and share with others, what makes them tick, is an honor.  
Inspirational Interviewing, will forever remain one of my biggest loves and career

My family and my friends are the glue under my feet,  which keep me grounded on this earth. Our existence in life continues to make me very curious! 

Sending you all so much love and connection with self.

Welcome to Inspirational Interviews." 

The Full Story

Jen Rodd was born in South Africa.  After school and studies she became interested in the careers industry, inspiring people to do what they love and helping people secure the job of their dreams.  Soon after moving to London she founded her own engineering recruitment company.

It was always Jen’s ambition to work in media and television. She pursued acting and presenting alongside her business. Quickly securing acting and presenting roles in television, radio, and show hosting for live Talk Shows, both in South Africa and in Amsterdam.


Always staying true to herself, when she moved on from her recruitment business, Jen completed a Masters NLP Training Qualification. She created her own motivational workshops, and helped people discover their truth through her own programs. 
Meanwhile, her passion project in Interviewing started to take off as well.  

Jen is a highly dedicated mother, and believes in the power of a mother being present in a child's life. She is a serious food fundie, a jazz enthusiast, and a red wine lover. Nutrition and healthy eating habits is always on her radar.
To distract her from her thoughts, and pass or loose the time, she takes enormous self indulgent pleasure in
reshuffling and redecorating her entire house. 

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